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Jim Hurst


News and Musings





A Fireman's Wedding

We packed up our scanner and headed to Dudley, NC where we had the opportunity to scan a Bride and Groom for their wedding cake topper 3D Selfie. 


Congratulations to Andrew and Elizabeth!


They both happened to be Mar Mac Firefighters, so we were able to scan the Groom and new Mother-In-Law in their gear! We'll post the couple's wedding cake toppers after the wedding, but here's our firefighters:





Introducing Studio In-House 3D Printing

Our studio 3D printer cannot match the quality of our New York industrial printer’s professional laser machines, but with a resolution of 100 microns, our studio printer does great, and...


We Can Print Your 3D Selfie In-House Faster! And Cheaper!


Studio In-House

Aprox. 5 – 7 Days Delivery



PLA Organic Plastic

In-House 3D Printed Selfies

Miniature (In. 3”) $20

Small (In. 4”) $30

Medium (In. 5”) $40

Large (In. 6”) $50

Environmentally Friendly Material

PLA filaments are made with polymerized lactic acid, which is extracted from corn, sugarcane or other sugar-containing crops, and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly 3D printing material. Unwanted PLA printed objects can be simply discarded in the soil where it will naturally decompose.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, PLA filaments also print in low temperatures which greatly reduce warpage. The translucent texture and finishing also add a unique look to your finished work.





Scan Event: At The Museum


2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


101 South Elm Street

Lumberton, NC 28358

We will be setting up our Scan Rig once each month at the Robeson County History Museum to scan historical artifacts! These scans will be processed and posted on the museum website for you to see in 3D. See our Scan Schedule for further dates and times.


You are invited to meet us there to observe the scans in process, and while there ask us about getting yourself Scanned and Printed as a 3D Selfie!





Human Rotisserie Update 

Our studio scanning rig, which we affectionately call our 'Human Rotisserie', is currently under construction.


Our first scan test using a stationary scanner and this rotating Biker Tiger was successful, and we are excited about how our scan rig will increase the quality of 3D scans.





Full Steam Ahead

Thanks to my lovely wife Jane, our scanner issue is resolved and we are back to offering our full complement of materials and sizes as described in our Studio Catalog!


To celebrate our April 2016 launch, we are offering our 4" Full Color Sandstone 3D Selfie for only $50!


Limited time only!

Does not include Scan Fee.

Expires June 2016.


Jim Hurst





Our First Speed Bump

With all endeavors, there are times when something gets in the way. One can moan and whine about it, or one can learn from it and make adjustments. We had 4 sizes of 3D Selfies, but we temporarily had to drop the 2 largest.


We still have the popular 3" and 4" 3D Selfies, and to celebrate our studio launch we are dropping our 4" price from the already reduced $60 to $50 through April 2016!

Speed bump or not, we are moving forward with launching Hursto Presto Studios!


Jim Hurst





Studio Launch Date Set

April 1, 2016

We have our studio launch date set on April 1, 2016. If you are interested in getting scanned, by all means contact us and be placed on our contact waiting list.

Cya in April!






2016 Studio Catalog & Fliers

Our 2016 promotional materials are finalized with a lock in pricing!


Originally, Full Color Sandstone was to be increased 25% upon studio launch, but this year in 2016 only we are offering Sandstone 3D Printed Selfies at a 25% discount keeping the pricing steady at 2015 levels!

Full Color Sandstone 3D Selfies

Miniature: Originally from $40 to $30

Small: Originally from $80 to $60

Medium: Originally from $120 to $90

Large: Originally from $160 to $120

In 2017 the Full Color Sandstone 3D Selfies will increase  about 25%, such as the popular miniature Full Color Sandstone 3D Selfie from $30 to $40 ea. Our Strong & Flexible Plastic stays the same, and this spring we introduce our new In-House printing featuring PLA organic plastic that's even lower priced (only $20 for a miniature 3D Selfie) with a faster print time of under a week.


Take advantage of our reduced price Full Color Sandstone this year 2016 only!


Our 2016 pdf catalog and fliers are complete and downloadable here:

2016 Studio Full Catalog
28 page document detailing Hursto Presto products and services.
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB
2016 3D Selfie Flier
2 page foldable flier introducing you to 3D Selfies.
Adobe Acrobat Document 885.1 KB





Bringing On 2016

A year ago as the year 2015 approached, much like 2016 does now, a crazy idea was born. My passion for Art all my life and my over 20 year experience (Job) as a Copier Technician came together and merged into this crazy 3D Printing thing.


I decided to start a 3D Printing business. So throughout the year of 2015 I researched, studied, and began to create the details of this idea.


We wanted to be a local, home based business that offered a unique product at an affordable price, and we concentrated on 2015 as the year to develop the pricing and marketing strategies. We also needed samples to show as well, so 2015 was all about exploration and development.

More work to do as 2016 approaches, but so far we are on track. We will be purchasing our own studio 3D printer for In-House work that will reduce costs even more for our customers and quicken delivery times, and a 'Human Rotisserie' is being designed to make scanning better.

2016 shows itself as a life-changing year for Jane and I. The official launch of Hursto Presto Studios is near, and I want to thank everyone who helped us jump-start our dream this past year.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let's bring on 2016! Woot!






A Human Rotisserie

To create a scan, we must walk around you with a hand-held camera-like device to capture your 3D image. That's not ideal for tight spaces though and offers lighting challenges.  While researching the problem, I came across the ideal solution: The Human Rotisserie.

Not for cooking mind you, but a motorized Lazy Susan to slowly spin you for 3D Scanning. There are several do-it-yourself videos on Youtube that have inspired me such as this one below:

Expect our Human Rotisserie to be completed by Spring 2016.







Introducing An Artist's Touch

After you are scanned to be printed as a 3D Selfie or Bust, your digital model is edited and touched up before being sent to the printer.

But there are times when the scan captures unwanted color such as shadows and reflected light. The skin color could be too dark or just washed out, your white shirt could have a strange purple cast to it, or you may have blinked during the scan and your eyes blurred away.


We can have an Artist digitally hand paint your model for only $20!

Basic Scan Fee: $40

Optional Coloring Fee: $20


The $20 optional coloring fee will send your digital data file to an artist to get your model completely recolored and negate odd lighting and shadow effects that your scan may carry, or you can opt for just the basic $40 scan fee in which basic editing and touch up is done.

Before Coloring

After Coloring

Color may vary. Note that this applies only to full color sandstone.





Wrapping Your Mind Around It

As I wander around and talk to others about 3D Printing, I'm often struck by how little is known about it and how difficult it is for people to wrap their minds around it.


3D Printing is not new. Large industrial companies and government entities had use of 3D printing since the 1980s, but today we now see a wave of low cost ($1000 +/-) small desktop 3D Printers due to the patent expiration.


Now, you and I have access to this technology. We have always been able to design something, but now we can actually print it and have a physical version of an idea in our hands in just a few hours. The future is indeed here.

The first thing that comes to mind is a low tech version of the Star Trek Replicator. Making something from nothing. Not quite. Perhaps one day.


Think of it as a computer controlled glue gun. You know, those craft glue guns that melt a solid glue filament. Squeezing the trigger extrudes the melted filament and the glue quickly dries and solidifies as it cools.


Desktop 3D printers use a long, thin filament of plastic which is melted, and extruded layer over layer to create mass.

A computer generated 3D model file guide the motors that control the positioning of the extruder and height of the table.

We end up with a real plastic version of a 'thing' that once existed only as an idea in your mind.

Older desktop 3D printers were a bit expensive ($4,000 +/-) and required you to be a tech guru to operate. Calibrating the printer was a pain and required constant attention. But the filament was inexpensive and available by the roll. 


Today, as with any new technology, it's better. They have come down in price by over 50% ($500 +/-) and have become more dependable. They are now available from major chains such as Walmart, Sears, Sams Club and Staples.


More and more new models are self-calibrating so you don't need to be a tinkerer to enjoy 3D printing anymore. But filament is now more expensive and encased in cartridges that can only be used for that particular model, a way for 3D printer manufacturers to recoup their costs while offering printers at a lower price.

Hursto Presto Studios does have access to a basic desktop 3D printer, but we find the use of higher grade industrial 3D printers affords the best quality for our customers.


We utilize a professional 3D printer in New York for our printing needs which maintains quality, and keeps costs down to obtain affordability.


Industrial printers run upward to $100,000 or more using laser powder based sintering and other technologies, and with them we can offer high quality and materials other than just Plastic such as Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Full Color Sandstone, and now Glazed Porcelain. New materials are always in development.


It's a different world now. 3D Printing Is Here.


Jim Hurst





Open House Christmas Scan Session

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Registration Closed


Lumberton, North Carolina.





Holidays Upon Us

With the Halloween 3D Selfie Fundraiser behind us, we find ourselves smack dead center in the middle of the holiday season. This brings us into the year 2016. 

2015 had been a year of discovery and learning for this studio, and we enter 2016 with great expectations in the world of 3D Printing.

New materials are being introduced for 3D Printing such as porcelain and full color plastic. 3D printers are maturing, and lowering in price all the time. I can see a small consumer grade 3D printer costing only $400, much less than comparable models today at over twice the price.

This studio slows down through the winter, but if you would like to get yourself scanned and printed as a bust or figurine, we can still set up a private scan session. Check our Scan Schedule page for more information.

Until then, enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, and support your local civic center theater holiday programs such as...



Robeson County




Lumberton, NC

Dec. 11 - 13





Halloween 3D Selfie Fundraiser

Carolina Civic Center

315 N. Chestnut St.

Lumberton, NC




Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015

10am - 4pm


Stop by this upcoming Halloween in or out of costume and get scanned to be printed as a figurine or bust in your likeness!


$40 will get you scanned, with half going toward the Civic Center Foundation to support their local arts and theater programs. $30 will get you a small figurine in your likeness, with 10% going toward the fundraiser, or you can order your figurine later at a future date. Samples will be there for you to view.

We will have a 3D printer on location provided by Copiers Plus Inc.

Special thanks to Richard Sceiford, Executive Director of the Carolina Civic Center Foundation for hosting and promoting this event at the theater.


Carolina Civic Center Website

Robesonian Calendar









Have your likeness 3D printed as a Figurine or Bust!

2016 3D Selfie Price Guide
Main Studio Brochure
Adobe Acrobat Document 861.4 KB

We Can Print Your 3D Selfie In-House Faster! And Cheaper!

April 2016 Studio Launch Special Offer!

Limited time only! 

Offer Expires June 2016

Click Here for information on how you can get yourself printed in 3D!