Spray Paint Art

by Jim Hurst

From the streets of Mexico City comes Spacepainting, a spray can painting technique invented by Sadot that enables the artist to quickly create beautiful space paintings and planetscapes within minutes. You may have seen a spray paint artist at a local festival or fair dazzling spectators with beautiful paintings of far away planets and galaxies. Planetscapes with majestic mountains and trepid waterfalls seem to leap out of their spray cans like magic.

However, the spray paint is a toxic solvent based compound. The artist has to wear protective breathing gear and clothing. Painting indoors is impossible due to the odor, and painting just became seasonal.


Liquitex must have been watching the trend, for they recently launched a new acrylic spray paint that is water based, low odor, non toxic, and safe for use indoors.


Many of the classic spray can artists tried using this new safe paint, but found it lacked a lot of the properties of the more tacky solvent based less expensive paints that they were currently using. These properties were essential to their scratchboard and layer removal techniques, so the Liquitex spray paint was rejected by the spacepainting community.


Having painted for years using traditional tubed acrylics and oils, and having painted using the toxic sprays favored by spacepainters, I endeavored to experiment with this new safe Liquitex spray paint. What you have here is a technique enabling you to paint beautiful space paintings and planetscapes quickly, easily, and safely. I invite you to explore this new spray can art.


Jim Hurst