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Open House Scheduled

Open House 3D Scan Session Scheduled

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Register Today and get 3D scanned by Jim Hurst during our Open House Scan Event this upcoming Sat., Sept. 26!


Your 3D printed figurine or bust can be ordered that day or at a future date but we need to get you scanned to create your personal 3D file for printing first. Click Here for more info.





1st Annual Halloween Scan Fundraiser?

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!


A full color sandstone figurine of yourself is cool, but one in a Halloween costume would be great!


Halloween 2015 will be our first annual Hursto Presto Halloween Scan Fundraiser, with 50% of the scan proceeds going to a yet be determined organization in need.


This event is currently under development. Expect full details Sept./Oct. 2015.





The Store Is Open!


Woot! We now offer Spray Paint Art and soon 3D printed pieces through our site via PayPal!


You have access to a secure shopping cart to order your items via debit or credit. Check out our Store Catalog that is under construction. More to come soon!






Keeping Price Low: One of the rules for new businesses to consider early on is: Location, location, location. In my case, it's Robeson County, NC


It's the largest county in NC by land mass, but if you are starting up a new business, Robeson County isn't exactly the best location. Talking to other business owners, they concur that doing business here is tough. It's considered one of the poorest counties in the state.


3D printed busts and figurines are expensive. Our research herehere and here shows that 3D Printed Figurine services at other locations can charge $95 and up for a small figurine. A large figurine can cost over $300. There is no way we can charge that in Robeson County.

We want to keep prices low so that anybody can afford a 3D printed bust or figurine of themselves or a loved one, and right now we believe we have accomplished it with our lowest offering of the small 3" $30.00 Figurine. Our medium sized figurine is an affordable $60 while the large is only $90. This is about as rock bottom we can get.


Our one advantage is low overhead. We use a $400 hand held scanner to create the digital 3D file needed for 3D printing and a laptop for editing. They use a professional automated photo booth mounted with 40 or so cameras with lights that costs upward to $100,000.


Many of them print their own figurines with their own printers in which they need to recoup their investment. We outsource our printing to a 3D Print Shop in New York.


Finally, we charge only once for the scanning session and separated it from the printing process. This had a big impact on keeping the price low.

These prices will stay in effect at least through 2016. Come 2017 there may be a bump up in prices to help cover new equipment, but our pricing will still remain incredibly low compared to our competitors. Guaranteed.






Fundraiser Model Being Developed


I've been thinking of a way to do group scannings. One way that I plan on doing this is to put up a booth at fairs and festivals. Another way is fundraising.


3D Selfies are a great idea for clubs and organizations who at times raise money for themselves or for charity, and I believe it makes good business sense as well. What better way to do business than to help raise money for a good cause and provide a unique crazy product at the same time. 


I'll share what I have so far. Subject to change...


  • Location: I can travel and set up my scan booth at your location, but there's got to be a minimum number of scans. If you can guarantee 10 or more participants for the fundraiser, I'll pack up and travel! Otherwise it can be at my studio. Robeson and surrounding counties, NC.
  • Scan Fund: We start with scans. The normal charge for scanning someone is $40. Half of each scan, $20, goes toward the fund. Ten participants will raise $200.
  • Print Fund: Each 3D printed figurine or bust ordered that day will yield 10% of the sale toward the fund. For example; Ten participants purchased a small $30 figurine= Total $300. 10% ($30) goes toward the fund.  $230 total for that day (scan $200 + print $30).
  • Fundraiser Coordinator:  I'd be talking to an assigned fundraiser coordinator in your club or organization who I can help organize the event, and develop promotional material to aid the coordinator. The coordinator raises the funds in advance and creates a list of paid participants for scans. The coordinator keeps 50% of the money paid for scans.

Lots to do before I can initiate fund raising.

Look for the launch date in 2016.






3D Scan Booth

Scan Booth: A Work In Progress-

Scanning for full color figurines and busts is tricky. The lighting has to be right. There is no way I could afford a professional 3D scan booth costing over $100,000 (checks wallet... nope) so I decided to just build one. As a result, I can offer 3D Selfies at half the cost than professional rigs.


Here it is. A 10' X 10' canopy converted to a scan booth with 5 fluorescent lights. I added tarp walls to block out the sun and afford some privacy.

My first initial scans using this booth was promising. Sunlight does seep through the tarp causing a bluish tint so I need to cover the inside tarp walls with a heavy white non-reflective canvas. But the scans did stop losing track and they were more successful. Almost there!





3D Scan Lighting

Importance Of Lighting


Running around with my handy-dandy hand held 3D scanner, I find how lighting plays a key role. As with 2D photography, lighting will make or break a 3D scan. The scanner easily looses tracking if not enough light is present. Sunlight kills the scan as does shadow.


I found that an overcast sky had decent lighting but the colors were slightly muted. The best place to scan turned out to be my kitchen.


You deserve a better place than my kitchen to be scanned so I am building a 10' X 10' 3D Scan Booth out of a canopy and tarp. Inside will be about 5 lamps and ample space for full figure scans.


More on this as my scan booth gets close to completion.





Specialty Figures

Under development are various specialty figurines in which your likeness can be placed!


Your head can be scanned and attached to any 3D printed model such as this Space Marine statue. Other specialty figures are being considered. Have your likeness placed on the body of a superhero, a roman soldier, a winged angel, scuba diver, etc.


These are a work-in-progress and will be rolled out as they are developed. Stay tuned!





3D Printed Figurines Are Here!

Full Color Sandstone Figurines!


That's right. Now you can have yourself 3D Printied in full photographic color as a figurine made of Sandstone!


Produced on Z-Corp printers, sandstone is perfect for figurines and other products that lend themselves to colorful, high-quality printing. Models are created by printing binder material and colored ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. After printing, the models are finished with a cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealant to ensure durability and vivid colors.

The final product is a hard, brittle material that works great for figurines and visual models, but isn't well suited to functional parts or daily handing. Models should be handled carefully, and not exposed to water as it will cause fading.

Figurines are generally lower priced than Busts due the their smaller mass with the smallest (3" height) available for only $30 (does not include design/scan charge). Read more about them Here!





Going 3D

Thinking back to the late 70's, there was a short period in which I was interested in creating 3D forms. It was during my college years as a young gate security guard when I carved this tiny bunny out of a piece of pine using an xacto knife.


About half a year ago I arrive to work at Copiers Plus (service tech) and lo-and behold there was 5 CubePro 3D Printers in the warehouse, and the rest is history. I created a 3D Printer page to post everything I'm doing in 3D. It starts Here!


Have your likeness 3D printed as a Figurine or Bust!

Best Value!

Introducing our small 3" tall figurine of yourself 3D Printed for only $30 each!


Small 3":    $30

Medium 4": $60

Large  6":   $90

Click Here for information on how you can get yourself printed in 3D!

2015/2016 Pricing Guide
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