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2019 Black Light Art Exhibit

Lumberton / Fayetteville NC


Hey guys! I am creating a series of new fluorescent black light paintings and I plan on a black light darkened room art exhibit in 2019. 


For only $2 per month, you can help me create these paintings and have these exhibits by becoming a patron. For your $2 monthly patronage, you get access to...

  • An in depth look at the upcoming black light paintings as they are being created including video demonstrations and discussion on methods and technique.
  • An invitation to attend black light exhibit receptions including live video feed if you cannot be there.
  • Access to years of prior video content, including how-to paint demonstrations and entertainment.
  • AND my undying gratitude and loyalty.
  • Okay, and a hug when we meet (if appropriate).



Become A Studio Patron!


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