Narrowing Down The Workshops

The 2014 workshop pricing is finalized. I'm building up paint supplies for you to use at the workshops as we speak. I believe we will launch only basic spacepainting and silhouette workshops to begin with for this year, but don't let the term 'basic' fool you.


The basic spacepainting method being taught is essential to learning the more advanced planetscapes that will be offered next year and will provide a good stepping stone toward advanced knife and brushwork.

Take a peek at the workshop page and view the first few paintings that will be offered for workshop instruction. Yes, you can do that! And you will not just be copying me step-by-step, but you will be learning basic fundamentals of spray paint art you can use for future painting.


You learn how to paint one painting at a time, my friends. Each painting will give you knowledge that you can apply to the next, and on, and on, and on...

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