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Thanks to computer/internet technology, anyone can just about do anything with the aid of a computer these days. In my particular case it is the ability to create and print my own books thanks to Print On Demand (POD) services.


There are many services that will help you create your book, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and my preferred print on demand 'online publishing' service is Lulu.


I have already published quite a few books in the past 10 yrs. such as 2 novels and 4 or 5 how-to-paint instruction books. One novel titled Jack Ryder - The Rundorth Faction has a USBN number and is available on Amazon. The others can be purchased at

One Particular book that I enjoyed writing is Merged Centuries, a how-to paint with oils guide by combining old school methods with new modern ways of painting. That was followed by a few step-by-step oil painting guides on specific paintings. All of these books can be ordered at


Having picked up spray paint art these past few years, I no longer use the Merged Centuries method of painting, so it is time for me to begin on a new publication involving spray paint art. I see it as a 1 year project.


Expect the book to be published spring of 2015.

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