Art Workshop Price Change

The base pricing is divided into 3 catagories. Each additional student reduces the price for everyone by $5.00:


One-On-One Workshop

Spacepainting: $40.00

Silhouettes:     $50.00

Planetscapes:  $60.00


2 Student Workshop

Save money by inviting a friend to attend the workshop with you.

Spacepainting: $35.00 ea.

Silhouettes:     $45.00 ea.

Planetscapes:   $55.00 ea.


3 Student Workshop

Save even more by inviting 2 friends to attend with you for a 3 student workshop:

Spacepainting: $30.00 ea.

Silhouettes:     $40.00 ea.

Planetscapes:   $50.00 ea.


*Workshops are limited to 3 students at this time due to space and *materials.

*All materials supplied at no additional cost.

*16" x 20" stretched canvas


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