Robesonian Newspaper Article

I had a phone interview with a Lumberton, NC Robesonian newspaper reporter a week ago. This resulted in a great piece about myself and the upcoming exhibit at the Carolina Civic Center.

The only exception is a quote that I didn't make:

"Hurst paints otherworldly landscapes on canvas with water-based acrylic Liquitex sprays, which he says are less toxic and more versatile than conventional spray canisters."

Less toxic, yes. More versatile? I don't think I said that because it's not true. The solvent based  conventional sprays such as Rustolium and Krylon are actually more versatile due to the ability to rewet the pigment after it dries with a clear coating. It allows layer removal and scratchboard methods that the Liquitex does not lend itself to. However, the less toxic and odorless properties of the Liquitex spray that I use makes it the clear choice.

The Robesonian newspaper article about myself and the upcoming exhibit was a nice read. Thank you Robesonian for publishing it!

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