3D Scan Booth

Scan Booth: A Work In Progress-

Scanning for full color figurines and busts is tricky. The lighting has to be right. There is no way I could afford a professional 3D scan booth costing over $100,000 (checks wallet... nope) so I decided to just build one. As a result, I can offer 3D Selfies at half the cost than professional rigs.


Here it is. A 10' X 10' canopy converted to a scan booth with 5 fluorescent lights. I added tarp walls to block out the sun and afford some privacy.

My first initial scans using this booth was promising. Sunlight does seep through the tarp causing a bluish tint so I need to cover the inside tarp walls with a heavy white non-reflective canvas. But the scans did stop losing track and they were more successful. Almost there!

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