Fundraiser Model Being Developed


I've been thinking of a way to do group scannings. One way that I plan on doing this is to put up a booth at fairs and festivals. Another way is fundraising.


3D Selfies are a great idea for clubs and organizations who at times raise money for themselves or for charity, and I believe it makes good business sense as well. What better way to do business than to help raise money for a good cause and provide a unique crazy product at the same time. 


I'll share what I have so far. Subject to change...


  • Location: I can travel and set up my scan booth at your location, but there's got to be a minimum number of scans. If you can guarantee 10 or more participants for the fundraiser, I'll pack up and travel! Otherwise it can be at my studio. Robeson and surrounding counties, NC.
  • Scan Fund: We start with scans. The normal charge for scanning someone is $40. Half of each scan, $20, goes toward the fund. Ten participants will raise $200.
  • Print Fund: Each 3D printed figurine or bust ordered that day will yield 10% of the sale toward the fund. For example; Ten participants purchased a small $30 figurine= Total $300. 10% ($30) goes toward the fund.  $230 total for that day (scan $200 + print $30).
  • Fundraiser Coordinator:  I'd be talking to an assigned fundraiser coordinator in your club or organization who I can help organize the event, and develop promotional material to aid the coordinator. The coordinator raises the funds in advance and creates a list of paid participants for scans. The coordinator keeps 50% of the money paid for scans.

Lots to do before I can initiate fund raising.

Look for the launch date in 2016.


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