Keeping Price Low: One of the rules for new businesses to consider early on is: Location, location, location. In my case, it's Robeson County, NC


It's the largest county in NC by land mass, but if you are starting up a new business, Robeson County isn't exactly the best location. Talking to other business owners, they concur that doing business here is tough. It's considered one of the poorest counties in the state.


3D printed busts and figurines are expensive. Our research herehere and here shows that 3D Printed Figurine services at other locations can charge $95 and up for a small figurine. A large figurine can cost over $300. There is no way we can charge that in Robeson County.

We want to keep prices low so that anybody can afford a 3D printed bust or figurine of themselves or a loved one, and right now we believe we have accomplished it with our lowest offering of the small 3" $30.00 Figurine. Our medium sized figurine is an affordable $60 while the large is only $90. This is about as rock bottom we can get.


Our one advantage is low overhead. We use a $400 hand held scanner to create the digital 3D file needed for 3D printing and a laptop for editing. They use a professional automated photo booth mounted with 40 or so cameras with lights that costs upward to $100,000.


Many of them print their own figurines with their own printers in which they need to recoup their investment. We outsource our printing to a 3D Print Shop in New York.


Finally, we charge only once for the scanning session and separated it from the printing process. This had a big impact on keeping the price low.

These prices will stay in effect at least through 2016. Come 2017 there may be a bump up in prices to help cover new equipment, but our pricing will still remain incredibly low compared to our competitors. Guaranteed.


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