Holidays Upon Us

With the Halloween 3D Selfie Fundraiser behind us, we find ourselves smack dead center in the middle of the holiday season. This brings us into the year 2016. 

2015 had been a year of discovery and learning for this studio, and we enter 2016 with great expectations in the world of 3D Printing.

New materials are being introduced for 3D Printing such as porcelain and full color plastic. 3D printers are maturing, and lowering in price all the time. I can see a small consumer grade 3D printer costing only $400, much less than comparable models today at over twice the price.

This studio slows down through the winter, but if you would like to get yourself scanned and printed as a bust or figurine, we can still set up a private scan session. Check our Scan Schedule page for more information.

Until then, enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, and support your local civic center theater holiday programs such as...



Robeson County




Lumberton, NC

Dec. 11 - 13

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