Introducing An Artist's Touch

After you are scanned to be printed as a 3D Selfie or Bust, your digital model is edited and touched up before being sent to the printer.

But there are times when the scan captures unwanted color such as shadows and reflected light. The skin color could be too dark or just washed out, your white shirt could have a strange purple cast to it, or you may have blinked during the scan and your eyes blurred away.


We can have an Artist digitally hand paint your model for only $20!

Basic Scan Fee: $40

Optional Coloring Fee: $20


The $20 optional coloring fee will send your digital data file to an artist to get your model completely recolored and negate odd lighting and shadow effects that your scan may carry, or you can opt for just the basic $40 scan fee in which basic editing and touch up is done.

Before Coloring

After Coloring

Color may vary. Note that this applies only to full color sandstone.

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