Bringing On 2016

A year ago as the year 2015 approached, much like 2016 does now, a crazy idea was born. My passion for Art all my life and my over 20 year experience (Job) as a Copier Technician came together and merged into this crazy 3D Printing thing.


I decided to start a 3D Printing business. So throughout the year of 2015 I researched, studied, and began to create the details of this idea.


We wanted to be a local, home based business that offered a unique product at an affordable price, and we concentrated on 2015 as the year to develop the pricing and marketing strategies. We also needed samples to show as well, so 2015 was all about exploration and development.

More work to do as 2016 approaches, but so far we are on track. We will be purchasing our own studio 3D printer for In-House work that will reduce costs even more for our customers and quicken delivery times, and a 'Human Rotisserie' is being designed to make scanning better.

2016 shows itself as a life-changing year for Jane and I. The official launch of Hursto Presto Studios is near, and I want to thank everyone who helped us jump-start our dream this past year.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let's bring on 2016! Woot!


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