All Occasions & Bridal

First Studio Partner!

I walked into All Occasions & Bridal in Lumberton, NC last week thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, there will be ample lighting inside to conduct 3D scans. Lo-and-behold the lighting was perfect, and I had a chance to meet the managers Cherry and Carl!


Hursto Presto Studios is a home based business where my studio resides, so we initiated a Studio Partner program that gives you a place to drop by to see sample 3D Selfies and obtain studio literature.  All Occasions & Bridal is now a Studio Partner, where you can indeed stop by and learn more about how you can get scanned and 3D printed at their location!


By getting yourself scanned at their location, you get a 25% discount off scan fees! In other words, pay only $30 to get yourself scanned instead of the normal $40! 3D printed selfies charged separately ($20 and up) due to the variety of materials and sizes.

All Occasions & Bridal 


Lumberton, NC 28360

M-F 11-5


SUNDAY- closed

Drop by All Occasions & Bridal and schedule a scan session today! 

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