Getting Started

First Thing To Do

You came across a Hursto Presto Studio brochure, and the first thing you did is jump online to check out this website for more information. We welcome you to our studio!


What next? Download our 20 page Studio Catalog that describe our services in more detail. 


Next, decide how you want to get scanned and contact us.


It's all about getting the scan done.

There is a $40 fee per person per scan session. If the scan is at your location, we would need a 10' X 10' open indoor space with good indoor artificial lighting. Scans are difficult to conduct outside in sunlight. If overcast, scanning could be performed outside depending on cloud coverage.


Easier, however, is to get scanned at a Studio Partner business location, and you can enjoy a 25% discount off the $40 scan fee. Our Studio Partner location lighting is most likely optimal for scans, and you can stop by to view sample 3D Selfies.

The Scan Session should take about 20 minutes per person.

During the scan, you will need to channel your internal statue or mannequin and stay completely still while Jim walks around you with a handheld camera-like device.  A scan typically takes one or two minutes each to conduct, with at least three scans being performed per session per person.

The scan creates a digital 3D graphic file that is edited and processed for 3D printing at a later date. Each file can take up to 2 hours to repair and process.

Once the scan is complete and processed, you can pick any size and material to get your figurine or bust 3D printed now or in the future. Check our Studio Catalog for detailed sizing and material descriptions.

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