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Become a studio 3D Videographer!

Regular Cameras vrs 3D Scanners

For a 2D photograph, you just simply whip out your camera, frame your subject and snap the picture. For a 3D scanned figurine, you need to find one of those 3D scan booths or find someone like this studio with a scanner. Scheduling the scan session can take days.


Wouldn't it be great to just whip out your camera, record a 50 second video, and have a 3D printed figurine of your or your loved ones delivered just as easy?

3D Videography

Now you can conduct the scan session yourself, and thus avoid the scan fee. Or perhaps even scan somebody else and charge a small videoscan fee for yourself.

Use video to record your subject by walking around them while keeping them centered in-frame. Then send your video to Hursto Presto Studios to get the video images extruded, edited, and processed to create a 3D Selfie figurine of the subject you scanned! 

Hursto Presto Studios had started an open beta program and you are invited to try 3D Videography for yourself.


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