With eight varieties of 3D printed materials, and 4 sizes of each, there were 32 different items to choose from when deciding which type material and size to get. For someone who first looks at our price list, it can be overwhelming.


To simplify things, we are reducing our price list to reflect the three most wanted materials:


Full Color Sandstone: With its beautiful full color photographic textures and low cost, Full Color Sandstone is easily the most favored material we offer.


In-House PLA Plastic: With our in-house 3D printer, we can offer single color 3D printed figurines and busts at a budget rate. The faster print time makes this material a favorite.


Hand-Painted PLA PLastic: Everyone likes the low cost of our PLA plastic pieces, but having them hand-painted in acrylic and made to look like real metal is also a favorite.

Now, we have 3 different materials to choose from, and with 4 sizes each, there are only 12 choices to look at when deciding. Much easier now to focus in and decide which choice is best for you. 

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