Scanning Babies And Pets

Children and pets grow fast, and who wouldn't want a 3D printed figurine of their cherished little one. I have received many requests to scan babies and pets, but there can be difficulties..


The subject being scanned by the hand-held scanner we use must stay perfectly still for a solid minute for the scan to be successful.  Any movement such as the turning of the head or even different facial expressions during the scan can yield undesirable results ending with a failed scan attempt.

All is not lost, however! If you do want a figurine in the exact likeness of your little one, and they are too active to stay still for the scan, they will need to be scanned while being asleep.


A figurine of your sleeping baby in a basket would make a great keepsake. If your little one is an older active toddler or a pet, videoscan him/her sleeping on a pillow or a blanket while sleeping.

Videoscans are perfect in this instance, because you can do the scan yourself on-the-fly without the hassle of scheduling a scan session and risking a wide awake and active child or pet during the scan.

Take advantage of our Videoscan Beta this year and get your little ones scanned and 3D printed as a full color sandstone figurine!

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