Submitting Your Videoscans

Sequence Of Events

  1. Record: Video 3 different videoscans. Why three? Because at least one of them should result in a good videoscan capture and it reduces the chance of you having to do a re-shoot. 
  2. Review: Take a look at your videos for issues that can cause a failed scan such as poor overall lighting, bright back lighting, or motion blur.
  3. Dropbox: Do not send your videos directly to our studio via email or messenger. These services compress your video to save space and the image quality is greatly reduced making it impossible for 3D conversion. Create a Dropbox account to share your videoscan.
  4. Share: Send your Dropbox video file link so we can download and process your videoscan and turn it into a digital file.
  5. Order: Upon a successful videoscan, you can order your 3D Selfie via invoice.


The best way to get your videoscans to our studio, at this time, is to upload them to a cloud file storage service such as 

Once you created a Dropbox account, you will get a dropbox folder that is treated like any other folder, but it is held in the 'cloud'. Just drop your videos inside your Dropbox folder and share your video file link using our Videoscan Submission Form so we can download it.

Dropbox Mobile is also available if using a smart phone.

Once we download your videoscans, they are evaluated for free and if successful you will receive an emailed invoice to order your 3D Selfie. If your videoscans fail due to bad lighting or movement, you will receive a notice and explanation of scan failure with a request for a re-scan.

Click Here for detailed info on videoscans and give it a try at no charge!

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