Driving Prices Down

3D Selfies exploded in both substance and hype just a few years ago. Large scan booths were created to handle the expected workload, but business was slow and many 3D Selfie companies today are struggling.


I attribute that to 2 main factors...


1) Accessibility: Someone who wanted to have a 3D Selfie made had to find someone who was knowledgeable with scanning, CAD, and 3D printing to create the figurine or bust. Scan booths are slowly appearing in targeted cities and trade shows, but they are few and far between. A 3D Selfie business had to rely on walk-in local traffic limiting their customer base.


2) Pricing: Yep, 3D Selfies can be expensive.  The going rate for a 6" full color sandstone figurine is over $200, especially if a scan booth is used. I've found some 5" figurines down to $120 yet the price tag is still enough to turn away most people with a tight budget these days. Forget about busts. With their higher volume of material, you can double their pricing compared to figurines.

Hursto Presto Studios embarked on a plan to resolve both of these issues to give you greater access with lower pricing through the use of Videoscans.

With videoscans, you do the scan yourself with video so there is no scan fee associated with creating your 3D Selfie, thus automatically reducing the price. And by doing the scan yourself, you can do it at the time and place of your choosing giving you greater accessibility.  

Another factor affecting pricing is sizing. Our largest 3D printed piece is 6" at a respectable price, and we offer smaller pieces which drives the prices down even further.

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