Full Color Sandstone Discontinued

From 3D Selfies To Statuettes

Videoscans use a process called Photogrammetry, the process of converting a series of photographs into a full color digital model. This was the backbone of our Videoscan service involving Full Color Sandstone.


The cloud service we use to convert the Videoscan into a full color digital model changed their pricing model, in effect pricing us out. As of now we can not offer Full Color Sandstone 3D Selfies due to higher costs. 


Please disregard all our offerings involving Videoscans and Full Color Sandstone. We will, however, continue 3D Printing services involving single color PLA 3D Selfies. As such, we will drop the 3D Selfie designation and refer to our 3D printed figurines as Statuettes and Busts.


It's a drag, but to keep pricing low we decided to go this route. Now comes the job of updating all our fliers, price lists, and catalogs. Stay tuned...



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