Get Scanned

You must be scanned to create a digital file for 3D printing.

Private Scan Session-   $40

We begin by scheduling a scan session to scan you with a hand held camera/scanner. This generates a digital graphic file that is edited and processed for 3D Printing. There is a one-time scan fee of $40.00 per person: (covers scanning service, file editing). Saturdays or Sundays only at this time. Does not include cost of 3D printing. PLA Plastic & Full Color Sandstone.




Open House Session-  $20

We occasionally set up our scan rig at our Lumberton, NC studio residence. Only $20 scan fee per person. Online registration required. Check our Open House schedule for dates.


3D Printing: We can have your model professionally 3D printed in full color sandstone or locally 3D printed in single-color PLA plastic.


Hursto Presto Studios is a home based business located in Robeson County, North Carolina. Support your local businesses by doing business with a local home based business!


                                      Jim  & Jane Hurst


  • Newborns: Just had a baby? A 3D Printed figurine of your sleeping baby in a basket would be a treasure!
  • Sports: Football, Baseball, Karate, whatever your sport, a 3D Printed figurine of you in uniform would make a great keepsake!
  • Uniformed Services: Law enforcement, Postal Delivery, Doctors & Nurses, or Military. Have your likeness in uniform printed in 3D!
  • Weddings: No more generic bride and groom. Let the actual bride and groom figurine stand on your wedding cake!
  • Employee Of The Month: Own a business? Celebrate your employee of the month by getting them 3D printed!



Wear bright clothing with body and texture to give your scan depth. Wearing coats and full body dresses may increase mass which may increase price. Costumes are great for figurines. Scanners don’t like shiny objects such as jewelry and glasses. Do not wear dark or florescent colors. Good lighting is important for successful scans. Bright direct light (sunlight) and dark shadows (shade) confuses the scanner. Artificial florescent interior lighting is best. Color may vary.


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