Experienced Freelance CAD Editors Needed

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A note by Jim Hurst.

As a soon to retire copier technician, I came across 3D printing a few years ago and fell in love with the possibilities. It is a new industry, so I created from scratch a system of scanning and 3D printing figurines and busts of people at a great price.

I hope to acquire more business than I can handle personally and would need help cleaning and editing scanned meshes in the near future, so we initiated a CADeditor freelance program.

Freelance CAD Editing

·         Must have experience with CAD 3D sculpting.

·         Set up a Dropbox.com file sharing account.

·         Set up a Paypal.com account to receive payment.

·         Share your Dropbox folder link with us for file collaboration.

·         We will provide initial mesh for CAD Editors.

·         Clean, repair, and correct color as needed for 3D print ready edited mesh..

·         Payment equals 25% of standard pricing depending on size ordered by customer.

·         Payment transfer by digital invoice via Paypal upon mesh completion.

If you can edit meshes, it would be great to have you on our team! Fill out the form below. A sample pic or model of your work in your Dropbox.com folder link is much appreciated.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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