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Hi, my name is Jim Hurst. As a copier technician with a talent for art, design, and 3D printing, I figured out a way for you to create 3D printed busts and half body statuettes in your subject’s likeness at a great price without us having to be there to do the scan. 


Knock out the scan yourself at your location as the opportunity presents itself and save time and money!


  • Save $40 scan fee.
  • No messing with CAD software or 3D printing.
  • All you need is a video camera or smart phone.
  • Bust and Half Body only.

Sequence Of Events

  1. Record: Video 3 different videoscans. Why three? Because at least one of them should result in a good videoscan capture and it reduces the chance of you having to do a re-shoot. 
  2. Review: Take a look at your videos for issues that can cause a failed scan such as poor overall lighting, bright back lighting, or motion blur.
  3. Dropbox: Do not send your videos directly to our studio via email or messenger. These services compress your video to save space and the image quality is greatly reduced making it impossible for 3D conversion. Create a Dropbox account to share your videoscan.
  4. Share: Send us your Dropbox video file link so we can download and process your videoscan and turn it into a digital file.
  5. Order: Upon a successful videoscan, you can order your 3D Selfie via invoice.


Use video to record your subject by walking around them 3 times while keeping them centered in-frame, once at a 90 degree side angle and once at a 45 degree angle with the camera raised and pointing down toward the subject, and a final time closer with a detail shot under the chin. The videoscan follows specific parameters as described below.


Then send your video to and share your video file link with Hursto Presto Studios to get the video processed to create a 3D Selfie bust or half body of the subject you videoscanned.


Only Full Color Sandstone is available for videoscans.


Videoscans require you to follow specific parameters to enable us to successfully convert your video into a 3D printed figurine or bust. Any video camera or smart phone will work, but of course the better the camera the better results, and a video cam with a swivel viewfinder makes it easier to center your subject.


Have your subject wear bright color clothing. Note that shiny and transparent materials are difficult to videoscan. If a failed videoscan occurs due to poor lighting or camera/image blur, we will request you to conduct another videoscan session. 


Conduct videoscans indoors in a well lit open 10’ X 10’ area with enough space for you to walk around your subject. 



Optimal indirect indoor artificial lighting is best to create successful videoscans. No strong direct light or shadows. Avoid back-lighting. Ceiling lights work best. The subject should be evenly lit with diffused lighting on all sides. A ceiling lit kitchen affords good lighting. A garage is usually well lit. We found the best easiest lighting to be business locations with a lot of overhead light such as department stores or the mall.


The Pose

Tell your subject to stand/sit still and not move during the videoscan. It's best to keep elbows tucked in. Outstretched arms should be avoided. Have them fix their gaze on a spot at a distance and keep the same facial expression until the videoscan is complete. Don’t forget to smile!

The Videoscan


1) Frame your subject at a side angle in your viewfinder from waist up and begin recording. Slowly walk around your subject while keeping him/her centered in-frame.


2) After you complete the circle, raise the camera and point it downward while still keeping your subject in frame. Slowly walk around your subject again while keeping him/her in-frame..


3) After you once again reach your starting point, slowly move your camera toward your subjects face to capture higher detail. Get a good shot under the chin and record both sides of the face.


4) To reduce the chances of a failed videoscan due to your subject moving during the scan or other factors, perform 2 or 3 videoscans per person. Review each video and upload your best videoscan to to share your video with Hursto Presto Studios via the form above.

You will be notified of your videoscan success and if successful, you may order your 3D Selfie by requesting an Invoice.

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